I have spent the last couple of years perhaps chasing the wrong things. Especially when it comes in concern to my life, my dreams, my career and my BUSINESS. I was working off the mentatally of “how can I make money”, “how do I not fail” and “let me create something people will like”. Now I sit here years later and the more I spend time with myself I have come to the realization that isn’t me. Why financial gain and brand develop is most important I wasn’t always doing things that were true to me.

In my refelction I have decided to live a more organic lifestyle, especially when it comes to my business. Ive decided to take my business on a totally different journey. I want to create a platform where I work to educate, learn and share all the many aspects of the health and fitness world.

I strive not to be perfect or act as a person to knows everything. From this day forward I intend to let things flow how I feel they should. I want to try different training styles, different nutrition lifestyles and give support to all of those striving to love a healthier and happier lifestyle.