As we roll into this “New Fit Year” I myself have had good days, bad days and could careless days ha!! Looking into 2016 I don’t want to sound cliche but this will be a new year new me!! I’m determined to reach my fitness and business goals!! Here are a few tips to help bring you into the “New Fit Year” right.

1. Create a vision board-There is no better way to create clear vision of what YOU want for yourself.

2. Be prepared-If your looking to be in better shape, eat healthy, lose weight; get ready now!! Download an exercise plan (Dynasty Fit’s coming soon) and begin studying it, go by all the veggies you’ll need to get started in the new year!! Take this down time to prepare for the future.

3. Pray-Whoever is your spiritual being start making efforts to be closer to them helping to create a better you!!

4. Get Started-No time is s perfect time so don’t try and find the perfect way!! JUST GET STARTED!!!!

I’ll share examples for all of these that I use to get ready over the next few days. Stayed tuned for my workout class dates, 30 day challenge and fitness plans.

Love and fitness,