Balance training is very important! People tend not to give the importance of something as balance focus. Having good balance is enforced to athletes and needs to be enforced to the average person. Without balance training more often than not injuries can occur. Injuries and falls can actually be prevented with balance training. When it comes to functional movement balance is key and everyone should include it into their training program.

More research has been published demonstrating that balance training can reduce falls as well as serious injuries and bone fractures.

Balance training can be done anywhere, you need no special place to work on your balance. When doing balance training one will improve strength, endurance, body position awareness and muscle activation sequencing to ensure that your body responds appropriately, thereby limiting the chances of a fall.

As adults the older we get the more important good balance is. Helping to keep the body strong, eliminate falls and prevent injury. No matter who you are and you fitness level you are using balance every day. So why not focus on keeping your balance strong? Developing a strong sense of balance can bring a better life to every person and athletes benefit by being able to respond to the demands of their specific sport.

Give this simple routine a try to help strengthen your balance. Do each exercise for 25 reps 3 sets.
Single Leg Deadlift

Single Leg Squats
Ice Skaters

Box/Chair Split Squats
Leg Swings

Standing Reaches

Keep Working Hard,